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Angie’s creations reflect her deep spiritual connection with the Earth and all living things.

From small intimate pieces to large scale murals,

Angie uses innovative techniques to create art that is always

an alluring invitation to; energize, rest, or restore.

Angela Byrd Designs Owl Artwork Custom


Blue Waters


Refreshes the spirit with images of favorite places or wild destinations

Brings nature inside to bring a sense of calm and tranquility

Amuses and invites people to step out of the hectic world and play

Recreates a heartwarming moment

Easy to do business with her – ordering custom art made easy – no hassle

Creates unique art customized to the client’s own unique personal style

Her 3 dimensional art can be created by using the materials from the client’s property

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What collectors are saying:

Sabina T's words:

The piece I fell in love with was inspired by the black sand beaches of Iceland. The way Angie was able to capture motion and light in her waves  you just about hear them as you imagine them breaking on the beautiful surface of the beach. Angie's art not only steps out from the canvas,       it invites you to journey with it for awhile, time and time again. This is her gift that translates so beautifully through her art, and

we are thrilled to have a piece of hers in our home.

Kat L's words:

Angie did an amazing job making this gift for my step mother extra special. She is extremely professional and her attention to detail to make a truly cherished gift is beyond compare! I couldn’t have been more pleased.


Brenda P's words:

The portrait arrived this morning and it is so beautiful that I can’t stop crying. It is beyond my expectations. His eyes are exactly the way his look.


Gladys D's words:

One Christmas I wanted to purchase Christmas gifts for our kids. I didn’t want the usual card with money! I wanted something special. I came across Angie’s Facebook page and saw the most incredible hand painted pet ornaments. I had to hire her to design one for our dog Pookie and it snowballed into our grand dogs. Emma, Stella, Ziggy, Gracie, Wally and Oz. She personally packaged them for shipment in a beautiful box. It was the best surprise Christmas gift ever!


My heart's desire...

There is a magnificent and powerful life force at work all around and through us. 

My hope is to capture that life giving energy,

communicate it through my art, and share it with you. 

Wishing you much love, kindness, peace, and joy.



Being born in the lush mountains of Asheville North Carolina

and growing up in Virginia, it is no wonder Angie loves the outdoors. 

From the first time she peered through the sparkling clear waters of a mountain stream and watched the light reflections dance on the smooth, multi-colored rocks below,

a love affair with nature and all creation was underway.

She showed artistic talent early in life and has never been at a loss for creative solutions.

She renovated hundreds of homes and offices during her career as a kitchen and bath designer.

She now is a full time artist and resides in coastal Virginia,

with her husband, Jeff, who is her adventure partner and most avid encourager. 

Often, you can find Angie outdoors, getting inspired, immersed in nature;

birding, gardening, hiking, swimming, kayaking, horseback riding, and traveling.

The rest of the time, she is in the studio,

enthusiastically creating in the flow and loving every minute of it! 


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