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Angela was born in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina and grew up in Stafford Virginia, near historic Fredericksburg. Exceptionally gifted in art even from childhood, Angie longed to be an artist and art teacher. She wanted to help others experience nature and creation through art and help people connect with each other in real and meaningful ways. 

However, instead of pursuing her childhood dream initially, Angie chose a corporate path. As a trainer and manager she had noteworthy success for over a decade with large corporations. In her 30’s, Angie took a step in the right direction and became a designer in the building materials industry. For 9 years she enjoyed reinventing hundreds of rooms through innovative problem solving. During that time, she managed countless installations to exceed client’s expectations. Unappealing/ inefficient spaces in people’s homes and offices were reborn to become both beautiful and functional. Her work was featured in “In Style” magazine and Angie was interviewed for numerous local publications as a subject matter expert. 


Still, the voice of art was calling… like a whisper in her soul urging Angie to come out and play.  While living just South of Charlottesville Virginia, at 46 years old, she knew something major was missing. She prayed for guidance. She felt the answer was to start creating more art in her spare time after work. Looking to social media for some artistic inspiration, Angie saw a dramatic picture of an egret on a Facebook birding page. She contacted the photographer to get his permission to use the painting as a resource photo. Little did she know what impact that simple request would have on her life. The photographer’s name was Jeff Byrd, who lived in Norfolk, Virginia. They became instant friends and virtually inseparable, despite living 3 hours apart. They shared a passion for travel, adventure, cooking, and adding value to others. Angie and Jeff were truly a match made in heaven.


After Angie and Jeff got married in 2016, they sold Angie’s home near Charlottesville and she moved to Norfolk. This move presented a unique opportunity: with Jeff’s support and encouragement, Angie was finally able to focus on art. She now works part time at a local credit union and is also able to focus on custom art pieces and art instruction.  She has finally answered art’s call with …“Yes! I CAN come out and play!”   The adventure continues…

It is never too late to begin again or reinvent your life… follow your passions. Enjoy every step of the journey!


"Art enables us to find ourselves & lose ourselves at the same time."

~Thomas Merton

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Live joyfully!- Angie


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