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A Joyful Journey

As a small girl, the first time I peered through the surface of water and watched dazzling sunlight dance across the smooth multi-colored stones on the creek bed, I was mesmerized. I loved the way the cool water felt rushing across my feet. I would find a spot to sit and just listen to the water, wind rustling the glowing leaves overhead, while the birds would sing gleefully and flit about. I usually had a happy dog or two by my side. It was magical. It still is.

It ignited in me a passion to learn about nature and it's secrets. I spent as much time as I could immersed in nature, preferring outdoors and limitless skies to being inside. I also researched plants, animals, and science to glean insights into the processes and connections that sculpt our beautiful world. Observing the extravagant design of nature, I want to capture and express it through art. I also want to communicate the need for connection and kindness between people and for animals. I also feel strongly about the dire need for conservation, and preservation of the environment to leave a legacy of life for those to come.

I am truly blessed to do something I am so passionate about as my career. I find it invigorating, meditative, and restorative to my spirit. I tune to flow and get lost in the vibrant energy of the process. I hope to share that energy to everyone who experiences my artwork.

Ultimately, I am still that girl who is mesmerized by all creation and how it's all connected… and I want to share my passion with you.

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