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Today is RESET day! Studio Reset between hand painted commissions

I LOVE reset day in the studio! It signifies I have completed multiple pieces of custom art, tied up the communications, and payments with clients, and most have already been delivered. I have already gotten positive feedback which has filled my sails with joy!

During creation time, I get in the flow and grab tools and don't always put them back where they belong. After 4 or 5 projects, my studio has remnants of the paintings and multi-media pieces on tables, tacked to the wall, and even in the floor. Lol! I think about the lessons each piece taught me and often journal, as well. I want to remember this season of creation!

Reset day is not just about cleaning my studio, but also about appreciation for; clients who choose me to create one of a kind artwork, the tools and resources I have access to, the talent I have been given, the skills I have developed, and the support I receive from my husband, family, and friends. It is a time to sip my tea and appreciate my blessings. I pause, breathe, and resume. I clean, organize, and refresh my studio. I get set up for my next projects and begin to visualize the process of creation. It is an exciting day!

What brings you joy and excitement? Comment below and let me know. Like chocolate, joy is best when shared!

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