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18” x 24”

Hand painted acrylic on 1 ½” gallery wrapped canvas

Original - SOLD!  

(Archival limited edition prints are available! Contact me for pricing and options)


The majestic SNOWY OWL: 27” tall, 5 foot wide wingspan, piercing golden yellow eyes, from the Arctic Tundra; owl whose eyes have developed to hunt during the day because the sun rarely sets in its home territory.  They sometimes venture South in the winter in search of better hunting.  It does not happen every year, but in 2022, we finally got to see and photograph this incredible bird.  I could not wait to get home after our adventure and capture the memory on canvas. What an honor.

         My dear "Eleanor", I hope we meet again someday. Meanwhile, your beauty will grace the walls of my and my client’s homes and offices for many years to come. Thank you.


(See EVENTS AND UPDATES for the full story of our adventures seeking and photographing her and why I call her "Eleanor".) 

OBX Snowy "Eleanor"

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Prices do not include tax, shipping, or handling, which will be calculated and provided in your invoice. 


    Original art and Prints: Allow 2-4 weeks for arrival. Contact me if you need to request rush shipping.  If you live outside the US, please connect with me so we can discuss options.


    Prints are available in all standard frame sizes. Contact me for prices. 


    "Love it!" Guarantee:  I guarantee you will love your art. If not, you can exchange your piece or return it for a full refund.


    COPYRIGHTS: The artist, Angela Byrd owns all copyrights of all artwork on this website and are not transferred by sale. No reproductions of this artwork are allowed in any fashion.

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