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12” x 24”

Acrylic on ¾” canvas

Original SOLD! 

(Archival limited edition prints are available! Contact me for pricing and options)


All over the world, right now, waves are curling onto shorelines. This turquoise wave painting is a portal inviting you to close your eyes and imagine yourself there. Feel the sand beneath your feet and the warm salty breeze across your skin? This painting was meant to evoke those feelings and soothe your soul.


Stay tuned for many more shoreline and wave paintings coming soon!




Excluding Sales Tax
  • Prices do not include tax, shipping, or handling, which will be calculated and provided in your invoice. 


    Original art and Prints: Allow 2-4 weeks for arrival. Contact me if you need to request rush shipping.  If you live outside the US, please connect with me so we can discuss options.


    Prints are available in all standard frame sizes. Contact me for prices. 


    "Love it!" Guarantee:  I guarantee you will love your art. If not, you can exchange your piece or return it for a full refund.


    COPYRIGHTS: The artist, Angela Byrd owns all copyrights of all artwork on this website and are not transferred by sale. No reproductions of this artwork are allowed in any fashion.

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